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INSERISCI ANNUNCIO ENTER A FLASH SALE gives you the opportunity to highlight a machine with the Flash sale, with discounted price and for a period of 10 days.
Flash sales are presented on the home-page with a separate listing to view them all together, but they are still present in the lists of new and used machines with graphics that differentiates them from others; in this way the user of understands that these machines are sold at a reduced price and for a time period limited to 10 days.
Flash sales must be used within 12 months, at the end automatically lapse.
You can buy the Flash sales according to the following:

1 Flash sale€ 15,00
3 Flash sales€ 40,00
5 Flash sales€ 60,00
10 Flash sales€ 100,00

To enter machines for Flash sales registration is required.

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