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Aluminium: METEF postponed to June 9/11 , 2022
But this light metal is one of 2021’s highlights, June 24th and 25th: first Italian-Russian aluminium forum.

Metef, the exhibition dedicated to aluminium scheduled for June 10th through 12th this year, has been postponed to June 9th to 11th 2022.The well-known anti-Covid19 measures imposed by the government – explains Metef President Mario Conserva have led us to the decision to wait one more year to come back with one of Europe’s major shows on aluminium in order to devote it all the attention it deserves. We owe it to the manifold companies, most of all SME’s, committed to contribute in offering their experience with the aim of enhancing aluminium, a material that played a leading role in a difficult year such as 2020 and that has a vast outlook in terms of growth. Europe’s green transition has placed this metal under the spotlights as a sustainability champion.

The current month will feature two events dedicated to the challenges this metal is going to face. On June 10th, an online round table on “The role of aluminium in the Green Deal decade” – organized by Assomet’s Centroal in association with Metef – is the most important event of the Alluminio per le Generazioni Future (AFFG) programme for the promotion of the aluminium industry proposals in terms of environmental sustainability, energy saving and recyclability among the institutions, the NGO’s and the media. “This event was scheduled to take place during METEF 2021. It was absolutely necessary to put off the show, but Centroal decided for the round table to be done anyway: it’s going to be the perfect chance to show the importance of recycling and of this primary metal new productions to show that aluminium is the trademark metal of the green transition”, Mr Conserva says. This highlight event is part of “All4climate Italy2021”, the official programme of the Green Transition Minister including events that promote the COP26, the United Nations Climate Change Conference that Italy is going to co-chair.

On June 24th and 25th, METEF and the Russian Aluminium Association RAA will hold the first Italian-Russian Aluminium Forum with the participation of the leading Italian trade unions connected to aluminium as well as institutions and companies. Aiming at developing collaborations and technical exchanges as well as synergies and know how transfer, this online event will bring together stakeholders, institutions and experts to talk about aluminium as the material for the future and the new ways of collaboration between Russia – one of the leading low-carbon primary aluminium suppliers – and Italy – second after Germany in terms of production, processing and uses of aluminium and its alloys.