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l'industriale presents new and used machine tools available from the best european dealers and also interviews, economy, exhibitions, news from industry...
Main ITALIAN AND FOREIGN EXHIBITIONS related to the world of metalworking
Blechexpo 2019: Sheet Metal and Joining Technology Highlights
The 14th Blechexpo, in combination with the 7th Schweisstec, will welcome exhibitors and expert visitors to Stuttgart with world-class process competence covering all aspects of sheet metal, pipe and profile processing from the 5th through the 8th of Nove
Floor Space, Exhibitors, Internationalism: New Dimensions in Sight
The Blechexpo-Schweisstec trade fair duo takes place once every two years. Roughly five months before the event opens its doors, project manager Georg Knauer from trade fair promoters P.  E. Schall GmbH & Co. KG is already registering more exhibitors, more exhibition floor space and higher levels of internationalism for Blechexpo and Schweisstec than two years ago. An increase amounting to more than 150 primary exhibitors and a 20% rise in exhibition floor space as opposed to the corresponding timespan in 2017 has already been verified, and it’s becoming apparent that the results from the record-breaking year in 2017 will be topped. A total of roughly 1500 exhibitors will set the tone at Blechexpo-Schweisstec in nine exhibition halls in Stuttgart. Bookings and reservations from foreign countries near and far have even doubled as compared with 2017 – a full year before the trade fair opens, the figures from 2017 for technology companies from Italy, China, Turkey and Spain had already been exceeded. The reason for this boom is the strictly practice-oriented concept of the trade fair duo: Blechexpo-Schweisstec covers all relevant issues and trends with relevance for the digitalised, automated world of sheet metal and metals processing.

Sheet Metal Still Dominates as a Structural Material in Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing
As a structural material – along with pipe and profile materials – sheet metal has evolved into a common alternative to conventional cast iron, steel and plastic constructions. FEM optimised lightweight design and modular component systems characterise the image of modern, material, weight and cost-saving vehicle, machinery and equipment manufacturing – all the more reason to focus on precision cutting, stamping and forming of steel, aluminium and non-ferrous sheet metal at Blechexpo and Schweisstec. Expert visitors are presented with solutions and systems covering all aspects of pre-processing and final processing, module assembly and surface finishing for sensitive, visible components. The issues of lightweight design, design engineering solutions, handling, quality assurance, automation and digitalisation in sheet metal processing and joining technology are also dealt with extensively.

Exchange of Ideas and Knowledge Transfer: Stahlnews Expert Meet on Opening Day GmbH & Co. KG, in cooperation with the trade fair promoters, will organise the 4th Stahlnews Expert Meet on the evening of the first day of the trade fair on 5 November 2019, in order to promote an intensive exchange of ideas and knowledge transfer. This event will be held in keeping with the motto “The Steel Industry in Times of Globalisation and Industry 4.0”, and renowned speakers will hold short presentations on the latest developments concerning all aspects of steel and production. Further representatives of renowned companies will hold brief presentations on the following day at the Blechexpo Forum. Participation at the meet will provide expert visitors with an extensive knowledge update.

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