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Precision-Surface and Profil Grinder manufacturer BLOHM type PLANOMAT 608 built 2001 Working area Grinding length 800 mm Grinding width 600 mm max. distance table to spindle center 700 mm max. table load 800 kg X-axis – table longitudinal motion Table clamping area with additional space 1.200 x 600 mm Table travel longitudinal max. 900 mm Table speed 30 – 3000/300 – 30.000 mm/min steplessly variable Grinding travel adjustment by soft key on control panel Guideways pretensioned roller guides Table drive Servo motor with ball screw drive manual table adjustment via joystick on the control panel measuring system 0,001 mm rotatory Y-axis – Vertical adjustment of the grinding wheel Max. Distance table to spindle center 700 mm Rapid traverse 3.750 mm/min. Guideways pretensioned roller guides Axis drive Servo motor with ball screw drive Measuring system 0,001 mm rotational Z-axis – transverse adjustment of grinding wheel Automatic cross travel max. 560 mm Transverse movement automatically 40 – 4.000 mm/min stepless Optionally intermittent or continuous Rapid traverse 4.000 mm/min. Guideways pretensioned roller guides Axis drive Servo motor with ball screw drive Measuring system 0,001 mm rotational Grinding spindle Spindle speed max. 3.400 1/min Input power 15 kW Three-phase motor with frequency converter Max. Dimensions of grinding wheel (DA x B) 400 x 80 mm Bore grinding wheel 127 mm Constant peripheral speed 35 m/sec Max. Peripheral speed 45 m/sec Unlockable via key switch ressing Dressing unit pneumatically hinged, mounted on the left side next to the magnetic clamping plate Dressing amount is automatically compensated Space required including coolant system, weight Length x width x height 4,6 x 4,2 x 2,45 m weight ca. 4.900 kg Electrical connection Connecting power 19 kVA Operating voltage 400 V Power frequency 50 Hz BLOHM Grinding control ERGOMATIC Movable setup console in the middle of the machine: Electronic handwheels for conventional operation of the machine for axes Y and Z. Joy stick for the axes X and Z. Feed control per axis via potentiometer, also active during program run. Control panel on support arm on the right side of the machine: LC display, visible area 121 x 103 mm, with backlight Membrane keyboard with short-stroke keys for acknowledging recommended default values or for entry of freely selectable parameters with the following functions: - Loading position X and Z axis - Set or change reversing points during the program - Set zero points for Y and Z axis - Set safety position - Set grinding wheel data - Select dressing function Softkey for preselection measuring system metric / inch Info button for help texts and service instructions Display for operating hours and maintenance intervals Fixed programs for workshop-related, operator-friendly handling: - Reciprocating loops with automatic Y-feed - Longitudinal, circumferential and surface grinding with intermittent or continuous crossfeed and automatic Y positioning - Grinding wheel adjustment with handwheel or automatic - ECO loops with automatic Y positioning: 1st layer: plunge grinding "roughing" 2nd layer: Surface grinding "finishing" 3rd layer: surface grinding "fine finishing" Automatic Y positioning: 3 layers with dressing, 10 parameter sets for 10 delivery programs storable, allowance or finished dimension grinding preselectable. Dressing programs: - Straight dressing from the table with compensation by single diamond, foldable dressing unit. - face dressing with single diamond or foldable dressing unit. - Dressing with compensation by automatic straightening device. - Deep dressing with compensation by PEA-T100. Coolant cleaning equipment Coolant system with belt filter (tank capacity 1,400 l) consisting of: - Belt filter with a cleaning surface of 2.25 m² for a flow rate of 250 l / min - Supply pump 200 l / min, 4 bar - Additional pump for water trough flushing and rinsing gun - Cooling unit for coolant emulsion with max. 5% grinding concentrate - Power 4.9 kW (4,200 kcal / h), refrigerant CFC-free Equipment / Accessories - Basic machine with work enclosure closed at the top - Spindle drive 15 kW, frequency controlled - Manual balancing device MPM incl. Vibration sensor and speed sensor - Belt filter coolant cleaning system Tank capacity 1,400 liters - Pneumatically folding dressing unit - Electro-permanent magnetic clamping plate 800 x 600 mm, transverse pole pitch 4 mm, with 8-fold adhesion control - 2 pieces of grinding wheel flanges - 1 pc. balancing mandrel - Machine documentation incl. CE conformity declaration - Finish: RAL 5009 azure / RAL 9002 gray white - Grinding spindle insert renewed 02-2016
CONTACT: Theresia Fleckenstein
ADDRESS: Sommerweg 15 Wiesen (Aschaffenburg) 63831 - Germany
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