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MACHINE TOOLS DEALERS Post your company in "Dealer" offers you to promote your company in the section dealers of machine tools; you will increase your visibility with the opportunity to:

  • be displayed in google map;
  • advertise your business with multilanguage description;
  • promote machine tools that you post on with a direct link to your listing;
  • have a direct link to the website of your company;
  • promote the latest bargains that you entered in;
  • receive an e-mail with a preview of all the machines published in wanted;
  • receive an e-mail with a preview of the machines for sale by end-users;
the cost of membership in the service is euro 250.00 and allows you to be posted in "find a dealer" for 12 months, being able to change from your account the contents of your form to your liking.
to join in "find a dealer" you need to register.